SYSTRANet - أفضل خدمة ترجمة مجانية متوفرة على الشبكة الإنترنت. قُدم لكم من طرف SYSTRAN، المزود الرئيسي لبرامج الترجمة. SYSTRANet تتيح لكم الوصول إلى معلومات لغة أجنبية ما بلغتك الأم وفي الوقت الحقيقي.

  • ترجمة النصوص القصيرة إلى حدود 1000 كلمة.
  • ترجمة صفحات الويب والمواقع الإلكترونية.
  • البحث عن ترجمة الكلمات والتعبيرات في لاروس وقواميس SYSTRAN المتخصصة.
  • تلقى آر إس إس اللغات الأجنبية بلغتك الأم.
  • ترجمة مستندات Microsoft Office.

قم بإنشاء حسابك المجاني الخاص SYSTRAN الآن للاستفادة من كافة الميزات أو يمكنك البدء باستخدام SYSTRANet الآن!

Text translation

SYSTRANet is the best online translation service available for free on the Web. It lets you quickly translate short texts.

SYSTRANet Text translator is easy to use. To translate a text:

  • Click on the "Text" Tab.
  • Type or paste the text to translate in the text field.
  • Choose a language pair by using dropdown menus: select the source (language you translate from) and target (language you translate into) languages.
  • Click the Translate button. The translation appears in the right text field. The source text and its translation appear in side-by-side display mode.
  • Create a SYSTRAN account and access advanced options for text translation (includes translate as you type, display options, alternative meanings, and more).

Create a SYSTRAN account and access more features:

  • Find the appropriate meaning and improve translation quality using the SYSTRAN and Larousse dictionaries.
  • Display alternative meanings to choose the appropriate context.
  • Translate Microsoft Word documents and preserve file formatting.
  • Add words and expressions in a personal dictionary to adapt translation to your vocabulary.

To access these advanced options create your free SYSTRAN account now!

Translate Online with your Desktop 7 Product

Receive a free one-year subscription to the new SYSTRANet online translation service when you register a SYSTRAN Desktop 7 Product (Home, Office, Business, or Premium) and translate online directly from your Desktop 7 applications with next-generation translation technology. These applications include SYSTRAN Interactive Translator, SYSTRAN Toolbars and SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager.

SYSTRANet online translation service includes different service levels. Your service level is linked to the Desktop 7 product you purchased. We plan to introduce new exciting features for all service levels in the coming months.

Whether for home or business use, SYSTRAN has the right translation product for you!

  • Need to translate Microsoft Office documents? Click here.
  • Need a professional translation product for your company? Click here.
  • Didn't find what you need? Contact us and we'll help you find the best solution to meet your translation needs.