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English to Chinese
SYSTRAN Dictionary
administrative agency : 行政部门
administrative appeal : 行政呼吁
administrative appeal : 行政申诉
administrative appropriation : 行政拨款
administrative area : 行政区域
administrative assistance : 行政协助
administrative authority : 行政管理负责人
administrative autonomy : 行政自治权
administrative back~ground : 行政背景
administrative board : 行政委员会
administrative body : 行政机关
administrative channel : 行政渠道
administrative chart : 行政指挥系统表
administrative control : 行政控制
administrative court : 行政法庭
administrative duty : 行政职务
administrative effort : 行政努力
administrative expenditure : 行政开销
administrative expense : 行政开支
administrative function : 行政职务
administrative hearing : 行政上听取意见
administrative inspection : 行政检查
administrative inspector : 行政审查员
administrative instructions (noun) : 行政指示
administrative law : 行政法
administrative leave : 行政事假
administrative machinery : 行政机构
administrative management : 行政管理
administrative manager : 行政经理
administrative matter : 行政问题
administrative official : 行政官员
administrative order : 行政命令
administrative penalty : 行政处罚
administrative provision : 行政规定
administrative region : 行政区
administrative regulation : 行政法规
administrative sanction : 行政制裁
administrative secretary : 行政秘书
administrative security : 行政安全
administrative segregation : 行政隔离
administrative service : 行政服务
administrative staff : 行政人员
administrative unit : 行政单位
administrative loads (noun) : 管理负荷
administrative officer : 管理人员
administrative organization : 管理组织
administrative region : 管理区域
administrative support : 管理支持
administrative time : 管理时间
administrative use : 管理功能
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