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SYSTRAN Dictionary
battle damage : 战斗损伤
brain damage : 脑损伤
damage threshold : 损伤阈值
engine damage : 发动机损伤
equipment damage : 设备损伤
eye damage : 眼睛损伤
health damage : 人体损伤
heat damage : 热损伤
irreparable damage : 不能挽回的损伤
laser damage : 激光损伤
liver damage : 肝损伤
lung damage : 肺部损伤
radiation damage : 辐射损伤
road damage : 公路损伤
tissue damage : 组织损伤
COMPUTOther expressions
consequential damage : 连带损失
serious damage : 严重损坏
Other expressions
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