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SYSTRAN Dictionary
academic department : 学术部门
analysis department : 分析部门
building department : 建筑部门
casualty department : 伤亡部门
central department : 中央部门
city department : 市政府部门
commercial department : 商务部门
communication department : 通信部门
complaint department : 诉苦部门
defense department : 防御部门
department manager : 部门管理
department name : 部门名称
department of correction : 劳改部门
department of employment : 人事部门
department of finance : 金融部门
department of revenue : 税收部门
department of trade : 贸易部门
environmental department : 环境部门
excise department : 收税部门
export department : 出口部门
federal department : 联邦部门
flight department : 飞行部门
government department : 政府部门
industrial department : 工业部门
insurance department : 保险部门
issuing department : 发出物品部门
law department : 法律部门
legal department : 法律部门
line department : 直线部门
loan department : 银行放款部门
local department : 地方部门
location of department : 部门布局
logistics department : 后勤部门
official department : 正式部门
operation department : 工序部门
overseas department : 国外部门
post office department : 邮电局邮政部门
provincial department : 省级部门
receiving department : 接收部门
school department : 学校部门
service department : 供应部门
sheriff department : 县司法部门
tax department : 税务部门
training department : 训练部门
translation department : 翻译部门
veterinary department : 兽医部门
accounting department : 财务部门
computer department : 计算机部门
corporate department : 公司部门
executive department : 行政部门
user department : 用户部门
human resource department : 人力资源部门
POLOther expressions
defense department : 国防部
information department : 新闻司
Other expressions
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