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SYSTRAN Dictionary
acceptance facility : 接收设施
athletic facility : 运动设施
back~up facility : 备用设施
basic facility : 基本设施
community facility : 社区设施
cooling facility : 冷却设施
critical facility : 临界设施
cryptographic facility : 密码设施
docking facility : 入坞设施
educational facility : 教育设施
emergency facility : 紧急设施
existing facility : 现有设施
experimental facility : 实验设施
gateway facility : 门户设施
government facility : 政府设施
help facility : 帮助设施
interrogation facility : 审讯设施
leisure facility : 休闲的设施
local facility : 地方设施
manufacturing facility : 制造业设施
military facility : 军事设施
nuclear facility : 核设施
optional facility : 任选设施
overdraft facility : 透支设施
parking facility : 停车处设施
payment facility : 付款设施
plant facility : 工厂设施
port facility : 港口设施
processing facility : 处理设施
production facility : 生产设施
public facility : 公共设施
reception facility : 招待会设施
recreational facility : 文娱设施
reprocessing facility : 再处理设施
residential facility : 住宅设施
rest facility : 休息设施
sanitation facility : 卫生设施
shower facility : 淋浴设施
special facility : 特别设施
sport facility : 体育设施
tax facility : 税款设施
telecommunication facility : 电信设施
toilet facility : 洗手间设施
tourist facility : 旅游设施
training facility : 训练设施
warehouse facility : 仓库设施
manufacturing facility : 制造设备
advanced communication facility : 高级通信设备
ECONOther expressions
banking facility : 金融机构
COMPUTOther expressions
computer facility : 计算机设施
library facility : 图书馆设施
COMPUTOther expressions
tracing facility : 跟踪工具
Other expressions
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