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SYSTRAN Dictionary
adjustment mortgage : 公司改组整理过程中的抵押
assumption of mortgage : 抵押承担
claim of mortgage : 抵押要求
consolidated mortgage : 统一抵押
consolidation of mortgage : 抵押合并
conventional mortgage : 协定抵押
discharge of a mortgage : 清偿抵押借款
foundation mortgage : 财团抵押
junior mortgage : 再后抵押
loan on mortgage : 抵押贷款
mortgage association : 抵押协会
mortgage bank : 抵押银行
mortgage banker : 抵押银行家
mortgage bond : 抵押债券
mortgage book : 抵押簿
mortgage broker : 抵押估价人
mortgage certificate : 抵押证件
mortgage clause : 抵押条款
mortgage commitment : 抵押贷款承诺
mortgage company : 抵押公司
mortgage credit : 抵押信贷
mortgage debenture : 抵押债券
mortgage debt : 抵押债务
mortgage financing : 抵押筹资
mortgage firm : 抵押公司
mortgage foreclosure : 抵押品赎回权的取消
mortgage fund : 抵押基金
mortgage holder : 抵押债权人
mortgage insurance : 不动产抵押借款保险
mortgage interest : 抵押利息
mortgage lender : 抵押贷款人
mortgage lending : 抵押出租
mortgage liability : 抵押负债
mortgage lien : 抵押留置权
mortgage loan : 抵押贷款
mortgage market : 抵押市场
mortgage money : 抵押资金
mortgage note : 抵押票据
mortgage obligation : 抵押责任
mortgage payment : 抵押付款
mortgage portfolio : 抵押文件夹
mortgage rate : 抵押利率
mortgage servicing : 抵押服务
overlying mortgage : 次级抵押
participating mortgage : 多方抵押
priority of mortgage : 抵押优先权
ranking of mortgage : 抵押顺序
registration of mortgage : 抵押登记
release of mortgage : 抵押解除
residential mortgage : 住宅抵押贷款
second mortgage : 间接抵押
senior mortgage : 优先抵押债务
term mortgage : 定期抵押
blanket mortgage : 一揽子抵押
ECONOther expressions
blanket mortgage : 一揽子抵押
chattel mortgage : 动产抵押
first mortgage : 第一抵押权
home mortgage : 房屋抵押贷款
leasehold mortgage : 租借抵押
open mortgage : 无限额抵押
Other expressions
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