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SYSTRAN Dictionary
authorizing officer : 审定官员
authorizing officer : 授权官员
cabinet officer : 内阁官员
case officer : 讼案官员
claims officer : 赔偿官员
communication officer : 通信官员
contract officer : 合同制官员
credit officer : 守信官员
custom officer : 海关官员
desk officer : 部门官员
ex officio officer : 依职权官员
financial officer : 财政官员
flight officer : 飞行官员
intelligence officer : 情报官员
landing officer : 登陆官员
lending officer : 出借官员
ordnance officer : 军械部门官员
professional officer : 专业官员
prosecuting officer : 检控官员
revenue officer : 税务官员
staff officer : 人事官员
tax officer : 税务官员
third officer : 第三位官员
union officer : 协会官员
veterinary officer : 兽医官员
foreign service officer : 国外服役军官
CULINOther expressions
chief executive officer : 总执行官
MILOther expressions
executive officer : 主任参谋
medical officer : 军医
staff officer : 参谋
warrant officer : 准尉
POLOther expressions
liaison officer : 连络官
COMPUTOther expressions
police officer : 警官
Other expressions
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