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SYSTRAN Dictionary
representative sample : 代表性抽样
representative sampling : 代表性取样
account representative : 会计代表
commercial representative : 商务代表
commission representative : 委员会代表
consumer representative : 消费者代表
diplomatic representative : 外交代表
employee representative : 雇员代表
field representative : 代表字段
government representative : 政府代表
legal representative : 合法代表
marketing representative : 销售代表
permanent representative : 常驻代表
personal representative : 私人代表
press representative : 新闻界代表
sale representative : 销售代表
service representative : 服务代表
staff representative : 职员代表
trade representative : 贸易代表
union representative : 联盟代表
technical representative : 技术代表
customer service representative : 客户服务代表
customer support representative : 用户支持代表
technical support representative : 技术支持代表
CULINOther expressions
local car representative : 地方租车代表
COMPUTOther expressions
sale representative : 销售代理商
Other expressions
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