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SYSTRAN Dictionary
adaptive training : 适应性训练
airborne training : 空中训练
annual training : 年度训练
army training : 军队训练
better training : 更好的训练
camp training : 强化训练
center training : 中心训练
classroom training : 课堂训练
combat training : 作战训练
combined training : 联合训练
completion of training : 训练完成
concurrent training : 同时训练
continuation training : 连续训练
continuing training : 进修训练
continuous training : 持续训练
cross training : 交叉训练
custom training : 传统训练
development of training : 训练发展
distance training : 距离训练
driver training : 驾驶员训练
education and training : 教育和训练
elementary training : 基本训练
extensive training : 大量的训练
field training : 野外训练
firefighting training : 消防训练
fire~arm training : 枪炮训练
flight training : 飞行训练
grueling training : 严格训练
hands-on training : 实际操作训练
in-country training : 国内训练
in-house training : 内部训练
in-theatre training : 行动区内训练
induction training : 入门训练
instructor training : 辅导员训练
integrated training : 联合训练
joint training : 联合训练
language training : 语言训练
leadership training : 领导能力训练
linguistic training : 语言训练
live training : 生存训练
military training : 军事训练
naval training : 海军训练
on~line training : 网上训练
operational training : 作战训练
parallel training : 个人训练
parallel training : 平行的训练
personnel training : 人员训练
phases of training : 训练阶段
police training : 警察训练
refresher training : 复习训练
relaxation training : 松弛训练
reservist training : 预备军训练
safety training : 安全训练
skill training : 技能训练
specialist training : 专家训练
sufficient training : 充分的训练
teacher training : 师范训练
technical training : 技术训练
training and education : 训练和教育
training exercise : 训练
training in nursing : 护理训练
training of diver : 潜水员训练
training of inspector : 检查员训练
training of personnel : 职业训练
training session : 训练
vocational training : 职业训练
work training : 现场训练
additional training : 附加培训
technology training : 技术培训
training on the job : 在职培训
COMPUTOther expressions
computer training : 计算机训练
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