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English to French
[gen.]Other expressions
abusers of the system : ceux qui profitent du système
[of drugs]Other expressions
(drug)abuser : drogué (droguée)
© Larousse, 2007
SYSTRAN Dictionary
Other expressions
© SYSTRAN, 2010
French to English
1.abuser[abyze]verb trans
(littéraire)to deceive, to mislead
2.abuser deverb
[consommer excessivement]to overuse
abuser de la boisson : to drink too much
abuser de ses forces : to overtax oneself
[autorité, privilège]to abuse, to misuse
[ami, bonté, patience]to take advantage of, to exploit
abuser de la situation : to take unfair advantage of the situation
Other expressions
je crains d'abuser : I wouldn't like to impose
je veux bien t'aider mais là, tu abuses! : I don't mind helping you but there is a limit!
dites donc, la queue est faite pour tout le monde, faudrait pas abuser! : hey, queue up like everybody else, can't you?
(euphémisme)[violer]to sexually abuse
3.s'abuserverb pron intrans
to be mistaken
si je ne m'abuse : if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong
© Larousse, 2007
SYSTRAN Dictionary
to deceive
to abuse
to beguile
to betray
to cheat
to con
to delude
to double-cross
to fool
to go too far
to hoax
to mislead
to outwit
to rape
to ravish
to trick
to violate
© SYSTRAN, 2010