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English to French
[person]traceur , traceuse (f)
© Larousse, 2007
SYSTRAN Dictionary
radioactive tracer : traceur radioactif
tracer study : étude avec traceur
radioactive tracer displacement : déplacement d'un traceur radioactif
© SYSTRAN, 2010
French to English
1.tracer[trase]verb trans
[trait, cercle, motif]to draw
vous nous tracez un tableau pessimiste de l'avenir : you're painting a less than rosy picture of our future
[inscription, mot]to write
[marquer l'emplacement de (itinéraire)]to trace, to plot
[marquer l'emplacement de (chemin, terrain)]to mark,to stake,to lay out
(figuré)[indiquer]to map out, to plot
tracer une ligne de conduite pour qqn : to plot a course of action for somebody
tracer le chemin,la route,la voie à qqn : to mark out,to pave the way for somebody
minesto open up
technologieto mark, to scribe
2.tracer[trase]verb intrans
[aller très vite]to shift(UK), to barrel along (US)
elle trace, ta bagnole! : your car goes like a bomb!, your car doesn't half shift,barrels right along
© Larousse, 2007
SYSTRAN Dictionary
to trace
to delineate
to barrel along
to design
to draw
to map out
to mark
to mark off
to mark out
to open up
to write
Other expressions
© SYSTRAN, 2010