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English to Korean
SYSTRAN Dictionary
accession department : 수납부
accounting department : 경리부
advertizing department : 광고부
agriculture department : 농무부
analysis department : 분석부
casualty department : 상해부
catalog department : 목록부
cataloging department : 목록부
collection department : 미수금 처리부
commerce department : 상무부
commercial department : 상업부
communication department : 통신부
computer department : 컴퓨터부
credit department : 신용부
defense department : 국방부
department head : 부장
department manager : 부장
department name : 부서명
department of agriculture : 농무부
department of commerce : 상무부
department of defense : 국방부
department of education : 교육부
department of employment : 인사부
department of energy : 자원부
department of finance : 재정부
department of forestry : 임업부
department of interior : 내무부
department of justice : 법무부
department of labor : 노동부
department of the interior : 내무부
department of the treasury : 재무부
department of trade : 무역부
department of transport : 교통부
department of transportation : 교통부
dermatology department : 피부과
design department : 설계부
designing department : 설계부
dispatch department : 발송부
editorial department : 편집부
education department : 교육부
energy department : 에너지부
engineering department : 기술부
environmental department : 환경부
executive department : 행정부
export department : 수출부
federal department : 연방부
finance department : 재무부
flight department : 비행 부서
government department : 정부 기관
head of department : 부장
in-patient department : 입원 환자부
industrial department : 산업부
information department : 정보부
inspection department : 검사부
insurance department : 보험부
interior department : 내무부
intermediate department : 청소년부
issuing department : 발행부
junior department : 아동부
justice department : 사법부
juvenile department : 아동부
labor department : 노동부
law department : 법률 부서
legal department : 법무부
lending department : 융자부
loan department : 융자부
local department : 지부
location of department : 부서 위치
logistics department : 군수부
maintenance department : 관리부
medical department : 의학부
microfilm department : 마이크로필림부
navy department : 해군부
out~patient department : 외래 환자부
parts department : 부품부
periodical department : 정기 간행물부
personnel department : 인사부
post office department : 우체국 담당부
processing department : 처리부
product department : 생산부
progress department : 진행부
propaganda department : 선전부
purchasing department : 구매 부서
receiving department : 영접부
reference department : 조회부
registration department : 등록부
repair department : 수리부
sales department : 판매부
scheduling department : 기획부
serial department : 연속 간행물부
service department : 서비스부
shelf department : 서가부
sheriff department : 지방 사법부
skin department : 피부과
source department : 출처부
staff department : 인사부
technical department : 기술부
technology department : 과학기술부
transit department : 운송부
translation department : 번역부
trust department : 신용부
typing department : 타이핑부
university department : 대학부
user department : 사용자부
COMPUTOther expressions
corporate department : 기업 부서
federal department : 연방 부문
human resource department : 인력 리소스 부문
MEDOther expressions
operation department : 수술과
Other expressions
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