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SYSTRAN Dictionary
addition reaction : 첨가 반응
allergic reaction : 알레르기성 반응
bad reaction : 나쁜 반응
browning reaction : 브라우닝 반응
chain reaction : 연쇄 반응
chemical reaction : 화학 반응
color reaction : 발색 반응
cross reaction : 교차 반응
dark reaction : 암실 반응
degree of reaction : 반응도
elimination reaction : 제거 반응
enzyme reaction : 효소 반응
flow reaction : 흐름 반응
gut reaction : 내장 반응
heat of reaction : 반응열
immune reaction : 면역 반응
negative reaction : 부정적인 반응
paranoid reaction : 편집증 반응
protection reaction : 보호 반응
radical reaction : 라디칼 반응
reaction control : 반응 율속
reaction force : 반응력
reaction time : 반응 시간
reaction unit : 반응 단위
reverse reaction : 거꿀 반응
series reaction : 직렬 반응
shift reaction : 변위 반응
type reaction : 일반화 반응
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