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French to English
1.abandonné, abandonnée[abɑ̃dɔne]adj
[mine, exploitation]disused
[maison, voiture]abandoned
[vêtement, chaussure]discarded
[enfant, animal]abandoned
2.abandonner[abɑ̃dɔne]verb trans
[quitter (enfant, chien)]to abandon
[quitter (épouse)]to leave, to desert
[quitter (lieu)]to abandon, to leave
[quitter (poste)]to desert, to abandon
abandonné de tous : forsaken by all
[faire défaut à]to fail, to desert, to forsake
mes forces m'abandonnent : my strength is failing me
(sens propre, figuré)[renoncer à (projet, principe)]to discard, to abandon
(sens propre, figuré)[renoncer à (hypothèse)]to abandon
(sens propre, figuré)[renoncer à (course)]to drop out of
(sens propre, figuré)[renoncer à (études)]to give up
(sens propre, figuré)[renoncer à (carrière)]to give up, to leave
(sens propre, figuré)[renoncer à (droit, privilège)]to relinquish, to renounce
abandonner le pouvoir : to leave,to retire from,to give up office
elle abandonne la géographie : she's dropping geography
[livrer]Other expressions
abandonner qqn à : to leave,to abandon somebody to
il vous a abandonné à votre triste sort : he's left you to your unhappy fate
[dans une lutte, une discussion]to give up
il ne comprendra jamais, j'abandonne : he'll never understand, I give up
3.s'abandonnerverb pron intrans
[se laisser aller]to let (oneself) go
elle s'abandonna dans ses bras : she surrendered herself to him
[s'épancher]to open one's heart
4.s'abandonner àverb pron
[désespoir]to give way to
[rêverie]to drift off into
[plaisirs]to give oneself up to
© Larousse, 2007
SYSTRAN Dictionary
enfant abandonné : abandoned child
terre abandonnée : abandoned land
left behind
no longer used
to give up
to abandon
to abnegate
to be disloyal to
to betray
to be unfaithful to
to cast out
to chuck it
to chuck it in
to defect
to desert
to discard
to discontinue
to ditch
to fail
to forsake
to leave
to leave behind
to relinquish
to renounce
to scrap
to surrender
to throw it up
to waive
to withdraw from
© SYSTRAN, 2010