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French to English
1.abattre[abatr]verb trans
[faire tomber (arbre)]to cut down, to fell
[faire tomber (mur)]to pull,to knock down
[faire tomber (quille)]to knock down
abattre de la besogne,du travail : to get through a lot of work
[suj: vent, tempête etc]to knock down
l'arbre fut abattu par le vent : the tree was blown down
(sens propre, figuré)[mettre à plat (main, battant)]to bring down
[faire retomber (blé, poussière)]to settle
[faire retomber (vent)]to bring down
[tuer (personne)]to shoot (down)
[tuer (avion)]to shoot,to bring down
[tuer (lièvre)]to shoot
[tuer (perdrix)]to shoot, to bring down
[tuer (animal domestique)]to put down
[tuer (animal de boucherie)]to slaughter
[démoraliser]to shatter
[épuiser]to drain, to wear out
la défaite l'a complètement abattu : the defeat completely crushed him
ne nous laissons pas abattre : let's not let things get us down
2.s'abattreverb pron intrans
[maison]to fall down, to fall (down), to collapse
l'arbre s'est abattu : the tree came crashing down
3.s'abattre surverb pron
[pluie]to come pouring down on
[grêle]to come pelting,beating down on
[coups]to rain down on
le malheur|la maladie venait de s'abattre sur nous : suddenly we'd been struck by disaster|disease
[se jeter sur]to swoop down on
© Larousse, 2007
SYSTRAN Dictionary
to cut down
to batter down
to blow down
to break down
to bring down
to cast down
to chop down
to demolish
to demoralize
to depress
to destroy
to dishearten
to drain
to fell
to kill
to knock down
to pull down
to sadden
to settle
to shatter
to shoot down
to shoot
to slaughter
to tear down
to wear out
to weigh down
Other expressions
Other expressions
PHYSknocking down
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