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French to English
1.classer[klase]verb trans
[archiver (vieux papiers)]to file (away)
[archiver (affaire)]to close
[agencer]to arrange, to classify, to sort
classer qqch par ordre alphabétique : to put something in alphabetical order
informatiqueto sequence
administration[site]to list, to schedule
[définir]Other expressions
classer qqn comme : to categorize, to label somebody as
à sa réaction, je l'ai tout de suite classé : I could tell straight away what sort of person he was from his reaction classerverb pron intrans
[dans une compétition]to finish, to rank
se classer troisième : to rank third
[prendre son rang]Other expressions
se classer parmi : to rank among
© Larousse, 2007
SYSTRAN Dictionary
to classify
to arrange
to assort
to file
to grade
to list
to order
to organize
to pigeonhole
to put aside
to rank
to sequence
to shelve
to sort
to systematize
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