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Spanish to English
SYSTRAN Dictionary
to shelter
to harbor
to cherish
to protect
abrigo antiatómico : anti-nuclear shelter
abrigo antiaéreo : bomb shelter
abrigo antidepósitos : fallout shelter
abrigo antigás : gas shelter
abrigo colectivo : group shelter
abrigo contra aeronaves : air-raid shelter
abrigo contra bombardeos : air-raid shelter
abrigo contra bombas : bomb shelter
abrigo contra gases : gas shelter
abrigo contra la intemperie : bad-weather shelter
abrigo de rollizos : log shelter
abrigo en caverna : cave shelter
abrigo para aviones : aircraft shelter
cubierta de abrigo : shelter deck
tienda abrigo : shelter tent
abrigo de piel : fur coat
abrigo de visón : mink coat
capote abrigo : great-coat
AERONOther expressions
abrigo ligero : light shelter
abrigo natural : natural shelter
AERONOther expressions
abrigo eventual : natural cover
abrigo superior : overhead shelter
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