SYSTRANet adalah layanan terjemahan online terbaik yang tersedia secara gratis di Web. Dipersembahkan oleh SYSTRAN, pemasok perangkat lunak terjemahan bahasa, SYSTRANet memungkinkan Anda mengakses informasi berbahasa asing dalam bahasa asli secara real-time.

  • Terjemahkan teks ringkas dengan maksimal 1.000 kata.
  • Terjemahkan halaman Web dan terjemahkan situs web.
  • Cari terjemahan kata dan ekspresi dalam Larousse dan kamus khusus SYSTRAN.
  • Terima feed RSS berbahasa Inggris dalam bahasa asal Anda.
  • Terjemahkan dokumen Microsoft Office.

Buat account SYSTRAN gratis sekarang untuk mengakses semua fitur atau untuk mulai menggunakan SYSTRANet sekarang!

What is SYSTRANet?

SYSTRANet is the best online translation service available for free on the Web.

Brought to you by SYSTRAN, the leading supplier of language translation software, SYSTRANet lets you understand foreign language information in your native language in real-time.

Translate from and into more than 13 languages and more than 40 language combinations (more information).

You can also:

  • Translate short texts with up to 1,000 words. Click here.
  • Translate Web pages and translate websites. Click here.
  • Search for the translations of words and expressions in the Larousse and SYSTRAN specialized dictionaries. Click here.
  • Receive foreign language RSS feeds in your native language. Click here.
  • Translate Microsoft Office documents. Click here.
  • And much more...

Create your free SYSTRAN account to access all features (click here) or start using SYSTRANet now! (back to main page).

Translate Online with your Desktop 7 Product

Receive a free one-year subscription to the new SYSTRANet online translation service when you register a SYSTRAN Desktop 7 Product (Home, Office, Business, or Premium) and translate online directly from your Desktop 7 applications with next-generation translation technology. These applications include SYSTRAN Interactive Translator, SYSTRAN Toolbars and SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager.

SYSTRANet online translation service includes different service levels. Your service level is linked to the Desktop 7 product you purchased. We plan to introduce new exciting features for all service levels in the coming months.

Whether for home or business use, SYSTRAN has the right translation product for you!

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