SYSTRANet is de beste online vertaaldienst die kosteloos beschikbaar is. De toonaangevende leverancier van vertaalsoftware, SYSTRAN, geeft u via SYSTRANet real time toegang tot anderstalige informatie in uw moedertaal.

  • Vertaal korte teksten van maximaal 1.000 woorden.
  • Vertaal webpagina's en -sites.
  • Zoek naar de vertaling van woorden en uitdrukkingen in de gespecialiseerde woordenboeken van Larousse en SYSTRAN.
  • Ontvang anderstalige RSS feeds in uw moedertaal.
  • Vertaal Microsoft Office-documenten.

Maak nu uw kosteloos SYSTRAN-account aan om toegang te krijgen tot alle features of gebruik SYSTRANet nu!

How to improve translation quality

Following are some easy rules for you to apply when using SYSTRANet:

  • Translate short and simple texts. Translate proper and complete sentences with a subject, a verb and a logical sentence structure.
  • Always use proper vocabulary. Do not use slang or acronyms.
  • Control grammar, spelling, accents and punctuation before you translate with SYSTRANet.
  • Consider the number of words. If the text you translate is too long, shorten it or you'll need to perform several translations. Always translate full sentences.

To improve translation quality, please check our tips for writing (Click hereXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

Translation software does not replace human translators and SYSTRANet translations will not achieve human translation quality.

For this reason you should not use SYSTRANet to translate official documents such as agreements, legal or medical documents or any document for which the translation MUST be accurate and precisely reflect the full sense and meaning of the original document.

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