SYSTRANet is de beste online vertaaldienst die kosteloos beschikbaar is. De toonaangevende leverancier van vertaalsoftware, SYSTRAN, geeft u via SYSTRANet real time toegang tot anderstalige informatie in uw moedertaal.

  • Vertaal korte teksten van maximaal 1.000 woorden.
  • Vertaal webpagina's en -sites.
  • Zoek naar de vertaling van woorden en uitdrukkingen in de gespecialiseerde woordenboeken van Larousse en SYSTRAN.
  • Ontvang anderstalige RSS feeds in uw moedertaal.
  • Vertaal Microsoft Office-documenten.

Maak nu uw kosteloos SYSTRAN-account aan om toegang te krijgen tot alle features of gebruik SYSTRANet nu!

Why use SYSTRANet?

SYSTRANet lets you translate and understand foreign language information in real-time.

With SYSTRANet you can:

  • Understand the latest information about a country or a business by translating foreign language RSS feeds and websites
  • Translate exotic cooking recipes from around the world
  • Monitor worldwide competitors and translate their websites in your language
  • Translate lyrics in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages

SYSTRANet is the ideal solution for translating a Chinese website, an email written in Dutch or RSS feed in Russian. SYSTRANet translates Web pages, websites, RSS feeds, simple texts and files in more than 40 languages for free!

Translate Online with your Desktop 7 Product

Receive a free one-year subscription to the new SYSTRANet online translation service when you register a SYSTRAN Desktop 7 Product (Home, Office, Business, or Premium) and translate online directly from your Desktop 7 applications with next-generation translation technology. These applications include SYSTRAN Interactive Translator, SYSTRAN Toolbars and SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager.

SYSTRANet online translation service includes different service levels. Your service level is linked to the Desktop 7 product you purchased. We plan to introduce new exciting features for all service levels in the coming months.

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